Prestel Publishing

A Visual Protest, The Art of Banksy

By Gianni Mercurio

This book features approx. 80 works from the start of his street art career to today, most photographed in situ and presented in vibrant illustrations.  This book guides readers through Banksy’s artistic processes and explains his influences, such as the Situationism movement and the May 1968 uprising in Paris. It delves into key works such as Love Is in the Air; a stenciled graffiti that subverts the idea of violent protest; Flag, in which the iconic American photograph at Iwo Jima is altered to reflect a group of Harlem children atop a burnt-out car; and the slyly titled Turf War, in which Winston Churchill sports a grassy Mohawk.

ISBN: 9783791386065

£29.99 hb

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